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Problem in Article title in ORCID record


We started to submit ORCID of authors (Journal: Veterinary World) from Metadata Manager since April 2020 but we are facing a problem in article name in the ORCID record of authors. It shows issue month instead of article title. We have this problem for all the ORCIDs since April 2020. I have pasted the screenshot here for your reference. Please guide me how to fix this problem.


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Hi @Anjum,

Thanks for this one. Yes, this is an issue with the volume title being pulled into ORCID instead of the article title. We have an existing Gitlab issue for our technical team to prioritize and fix here: https://gitlab.com/crossref/issues/-/issues/713

I have added your example to the Gitlab issue.

I’ll update this thread when we have prioritized this fix.

My best,

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Hi @ifarley,

Thank you very much. I hope that this issue will be fixed as soon as possible.


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