Is that normal to get <html> tags in title metadata?


In some records, we get tags in the title metadata. Is that an error ? E.G. :

Api crossref org/v1/works/10.1002/ajpa.24488

“title”: [“A population history of indigenous\n Bahamian\n islanders: Insights from ancient\n DNA”],

Is there a way to get only raw text with the CrossRef API ?


Hi Fred,

It’s not especially common, but it is allowed.

We support certain face markup within the metadata that publishers supply for their registered content.

It’s up to each publisher when and whether they opt to supply those markup tags.

There’s not a way to query the API such that you’ll get back only the text, without tags. You’d have to clean up the data after the fact to strip them out, if that’s what you wanted.


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