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DOI resource URL is archived version

I have a sponsored member who wants to create DOIs pointing to a copy of the document on an archive site (Internet Archive) rather than the current live location hosted on their own site. Is there any reason not to do this?


There’s definitely no ‘rule’ against it, as our landing page requirements are fairly minimal.

That said, all other things being equal, we’d encourage them to have their DOIs resolve to pages on site that they can directly control.

But, if they have a compelling reason to have their DOIs resolve to Internet Archive landing pages, that would be okay, provided that the other requirements are met. In particular, they need to be sure that the DOI itself is displayed on the landing page, as a link in the{DOI} format. And, I’m not sure whether the Internet Archive can accommodate that.

Thanks. After discussion, we’re going with a self-hosted landing page, linking to an archived PDF file.