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Checking whether https-post submission/update was successful


Is there a way to check whether an https-post led to successful content update?

For a first submission, I currently check whether the DOI becomes active (e.g., but repeating a curl/wget request looking for a forward/302/200). That tells me whether the initial registration succeeded. So far so good.

However, how can I [automatically] check whether an update has taken place? I looked at the content retrieval API - but it seems to take time for the DOI to appear (e.g. in the search, or via Is there a way to retrieve the updated metadata more quickly, so I can check “proximately” to submission?

Alternatively, can I embed a tag into the upload (or, e.g., use the batch_id) and then check this in the metadata/another way? One way might be to use the update date on, but the delay makes it fairly complicated…

The submission triggers an email. Another possibility would be to automatically access that mailbox and check these against batch IDs submitted. I.e., we’d keep track of the batch IDs our side, and then compare against the incoming emails. It would be much easier if we could just query against the batch id. I.e., this would work… but we don’t have the submissionID on submission… so something like

Or maybe accessing making a post-request with the DOI?

Any thoughts for what is practical and robust?

Hello Bjoern,

Many thanks for your message.

So you can check on a deposit that has been sent to the system by checking on the admin system or by querying for the submission log using HTTPS as well. You can query against the batch ID or filename to return the submission log from the system. More information on this can be found here: Submission queue and log - Crossref

I hope this helps,

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Thank you that’s really helpful.

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