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Welcome to the Crossref Community Forum!

Welcome to the Crossref Community!

New Crossref members

New Crossref members!
Got something you’d like to discuss with other new members, our Ambassadors or our team? Post here and someone will get back to you soon.

Technical Support

Please use this category to post technical queries to Crossref staff and the wider community.

Event Data

Publisher metadata is one side of the story surrounding research outputs, but conversations, connections and activities that build further around scholarly research, takes place all over the web. We built Event Data to capture, record and make available these ‘Events’ - providing open, transparent, and traceable information about the provenance and context of every Event. Events are comments, links, shares, bookmarks, references, etc.

Metadata Manager

Metadata Manager offers a simple way to deposit and update metadata, for both single and multiple deposits. At present, Metadata Manager supports only journal content (but other content types will be added in future). Start from Metadata Manager, and enter your Crossref username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact us to retrieve them.

OJS Users

This category is a place users of the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform and Crossref plug-in can discuss any issues and challenges, share their experiences and discuss any news or upcoming developments. OJS is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project. PKP is working with Crossref to improve the level of overall DOI export support provided within OJS.

Crossref Calendar

Here you can find news about all our upcoming events and webinars.
Find out about events in your region, logistics, speakers, topics and more. Join in the discussion and share your experiences from attending one of our events.

Questions from Crossref

Here you can find questions from the Crossref staff. Feel free to provide us with your thoughts, comments, suggestions and feedback on a range of different issues we post to the group!

Member stories

Tell us your stories of DOIs in the wild. How has metadata has changed your world? Interesting use cases of how you have worked with our APIs? How has participation in Crossref services have affected users in your community? We want to know!

News and current events

This category is dedicated to industry news, trends in scholarly publications and communications, and the world around us.